I once had a discussion with a friend about who’s the better guitarist - Jimmy Page or Pete Townshend.

And I chose Jimmy Page over Pete Townshend.

Pete Townshend is the better songwriter.

But Jimmy Page lures me in with his blues and dark charm…

And I am not talking about Jimmy Page showing off his skills on the guitar, it is something about his whole being.

Damn, Jimmy Page is the number one reason why I like Led Zeppelin so much.

He is probably the least nice member… But as a musician… Like…

And The Who, as well as Led Zeppelin, is one of those bands where every single member counts. Not only as people, but also as really skilled musicians.

John Entwistle is one of my favourite bass players. Jonesy plays the organ beautifully. And he rocks on the bass. Roger and Robert are both really good singers… And John and Keith… Mad drummers.

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It never occurred to me until now that people who don’t know John Entwistle’s singing voice probably think it’d be much deeper. His nickname was “The Ox” after all…

He actually sounds the way he looked in his final years.

In the 80’s he looked a bit like Michael Gross… OK, now that was random. But Michael Gross always kind of reminds me of him… Especially with the beard.

Wait, you know what… Michael Gross looks like Pete Townshend’s and John Entwistle’s son!

Anyway, where was I…

Also, Michael Gross’ body language is so distinct that I recognized him immediately in How I Met Your Mother…
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The Who
My Wife
Who’s Next
1971 Track Record

Also available on:

In England, I also fell in love with Who’s Next…

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Pete Townshend and John Paul Jones, 1971


Pete Townshend and John Paul Jones, 1971

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Keith Moon by Linda McCartney.

Keith Moon by Linda McCartney.

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Live at Woodstock, 1969

Pinball Wizard…

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I can’t explain… I think it’s love

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