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The Hobbit bts spam [28/?]

The map and the magic crystal

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I did find it essential to stay true to the spirit of Tolkien; every day I was on the set with the book in the one hand, and the script in the other. Whenever Peter Jackson strayed too far from Tolkien, I shouted: ‘Yes, but on page 497 of the book it says otherwise!

Ian McKellen  (via katoakenshield)


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“Shouldn’t you be directing a movie?”

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11.) The Lord of the Rings - Peter Jackson (2001-2003)

cinematography by Andrew Lesnie

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“I said to Viggo, ‘I’m gonna put the camera down the hillside a little bit. Can you try to kick the helmet close to the lens? Because it will look great if it just flies past us.’”

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Yeah, he gave me the ring, and Sting (8) and a pair of hobbit feet. The ring is in a pouch and the pouch is in a box. I don’t take it out; it’s hidden away. I guess that is oddly appropriate given the nature of the story. Keep it secret, keep it safe.

Elijah Wood about the Ring that Peter Jackson gave him



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