Top 10 TV And Movie Fandoms

The best thing about the Ringers is that they put Billy Boyd at the end…

"Bon Jovi rocks. On occasion." OK.

"Whovians" is in the Oxford Dictionary now. OK. The things I don’t know… Imitating the TARDIS noise? OK…

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Top 10 Unexpected Movie Deaths

Ah, Burn After Reading… I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

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Maybe the best sarcastic conversation in tv history 

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"I don’t want to be mainstream. I like being in the margins. I’m happy where I exist. The things that inspire me I find in the margins. I’m not consciously trying to be marginal, it’s just where I end up and where I live. There’s a gift in there for me and I’m happy to have that gift."
Jim JarmuschBorn January 22, 1953

"I don’t want to be mainstream. I like being in the margins. I’m happy where I exist. The things that inspire me I find in the margins. I’m not consciously trying to be marginal, it’s just where I end up and where I live. There’s a gift in there for me and I’m happy to have that gift."

Jim Jarmusch
Born January 22, 1953

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“you only started liking it cause everyone else did”

well yeah

everyone was talking about it

i got curious

i watched it

and i liked it

how is that a bad thing

And what if you don’t pay attention to it, then people are still going to complain…

And don’t you dare like something weird.

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I don’t think that people generally realise what motion picture industry has done to the American Indian, as a matter of fact, all ethnic groups, all minorities, all non-whites. And people just simply don’t realise, just take it for granted that that’s the way people are going to be presented and these clichés are just, I mean on this network every night, well perhaps not every night, but you can see silly renditions of human behaviour, the leering Filipino houseboy, the wily Japanese, the kook or the gook, black man, stupid Indian. It just goes on and on and on. And people actually don’t realise how deeply people are injured by seeing themselves represented, not so much the adults, who are already inured to that kind of pain and pressure, but children. Indian children seeing Indians represented as savage, as ugly, as nasty, vicious, treacherous, drunken. They grow up only with a negative image of themselves and it lasts a lifetime. 

Marlon Brando on why Sacheen Littlefeather presented a speech on his behalf during his Best Actor win for The Godfather at the 1973 Academy Awards

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Cinema is a language. It can say things-big, abstract things. And I love that about it. I’m not always good with words. Some people are poets and have a beautiful way of saying things with words. But cinema is its own language. And with it you can say so many things, because you’ve got time and sequences. You’ve got dialogue. You’ve got music. You’ve got sound effects. You have so many tools. And you can express a feeling and a thought that can’t be conveyed any other way. Its a magical medium. For me, it’s so beautiful to think about these pictures and sounds flowing together in time and in sequence, making something that can be done only through cinema. Its not just words or music-it’s a whole range of elements coming together and making something that didn’t exist before. It’s telling stories. It’s devising a world, an experience, that people cannot have unless they see that film. When I catch an idea for a film, I fall in love with the way cinema can express it. I like a story that holds abstractions, and that’s what cinema can do.
~ David Lynch (via missmoodyblue)
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Movie Stars Revisit Their Famous Role

This is amazing

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"I like to disappear into a role. I equate the success of it with a feeling of being chemically changed. That’s the only way I can express it." —Chiwetel Ejiofor

"An actress can only play a woman. I’m an actor, I can play anything.” —Whoopi Goldberg

"Acting is my calling, not my career." —Angela Bassett

"I’ve always wanted to do characters that would help me find my connection with others and connect all of us together. You always want the energy of the character, the spirit of the person, to enter you." —Forest Whitaker

"It was never my dream to be famous. I didn’t start acting to be a movie star. I started in the theater and my desire was to get better at my craft. It’s still my desire. I don’t consider myself a movie star, nor do I really have the desire to be one. I’m just an entertainer…An actor who works hard at his craft. Whatever labels people give me, that’s not really me or part of my process." —Denzel Washington

"Your internal dialogue has got to be different from what you say. And, you know, in film, hopefully that registers and speaks volumes. It’s always the unspoken word and what’s happening behind someone’s eyes that makes it so rich." —Viola Davis

"I never studied. I never took a class. Everything I do is very innate and organic; I don’t really have words for it. It is a communion with spirit. I don’t get in my own way and allow the character to do what it’s going to do." —Kimberly Elise

"You know the five stages of an actor’s life? ‘Who’s Don Cheadle? Get me Don Cheadle. Get me a Don Cheadle type. Get me a young Don Cheadle. Who the hell is Don Cheadle?’ Every actor gets to that last one eventually. I’m not quite there yet. I want to wring everything I can out of this life before I am." —Don Cheadle

Happy Black History Month

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The people who complain about other people not knowing the football rules are the same people that will complain about films and inform you about what they would have done better…

Which is… annoying?

I understand that no one can always be satisfied with things… And criticism can be justified. It’s just sometimes… you’re not doing anything. You’re not improving things, usually you spoil the fun for others.

If you are not happy or entertained by something, don’t do it. Don’t blame other people, blame yourself.

If you’re unhappy with a decision someone else has made, you may criticize it, but don’t make everything about it.

Like… German football fans complaining about Löw, about players… why are they watching football?

Of course, it’s a way of compensating for your own deficiencies. If you can’t be better, just hate on someone who actually is.

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