Fastest way to get through a border patrol checkpoint

are you fuckingkidding me


He could have had like gallons of cocaine in the back like damn Jesus saves

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The second was the steady decline in the moral and intellectual status of Christianity, which had started […] on October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses to the door of All Saints Church. The process was continued by Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin, Freud, and culminated in the notorious “Dead Seagate” scandal, when the final release of the long-hidden Scrolls revealed that the Jesus of the Gospels was based on three (perhaps four) separate individuals.

"The Hammer of God" (1993) - Arthur C. Clarke

There was a documentary on Kopernikus on TV today…

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When they came to the New Testament, Ellie’s agitation increased. Matthew and Luke traced the ancestral line of Jesus back to King David. But for Matthew there were twenty-eight generations between David and Jesus; for Luke forty-three. There were almost no names common to the two lists. How could both Matthew and Luke be the Word of God?

"Contact" (1985) - Carl Sagan

Someone did their reading…

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She understood that cowardice might occur in the real world - that sons might deceive and defraud an aged father, that a man might give craven consent to the seduction of his wife by the King, or even encourage the rape of his daughters. But in this holy book there was not a word of protest against such outrages. Instead, it seemed, the crimes were approved, even praised.
~ "Contact" (1985) - Carl Sagan
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And Man said, Let us make God in our image, after our likeness, and let him, not her, have dominion and total dictatorship over all the men and women of the world, and let him give us justification for murder, sexism, slavery, racism, homophobia, violence, and let him tell us to be fruitful so that we have a reason to have loads of sex, and let us write a storybook about him and all the things he’s done, and let us make a religion with a strict hierarchy so that we can make money, and let us indoctrinate our children with the teachings of the storybook, and let us denounce all logic and science so that people don’t leave our religion and we don’t lose our power and money, and let us force our story book teachings onto other people with violence so that we may make money and power.

So I’ve started reading the Holy Bible. (via ngeetee)

Don’t forget to mention the assimilation process when Christian missionaries met with Celtic tribes and others and included some of the heathen traditions, so they would join Christianity.

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Well this is awkward.

#the best argument against the bible is the bible 

“The best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible.” — Mark Twain


thank you whoever put this up. you dont even need to argue the bible people just need to read it and realize we are living in 2013 things have changed.

Well… this is awkward. 

Also thank you for the Mark Twain quote.

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1) our President is a Prime Minister

2) our Prime Minister is a She

3) She is an Atheist

and we have had ‘Obamacare’ for like… ever


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Jesus was a Middle-Eastern Jewish man who advocated for the seperation of church and state, pacifism, free healthcare, and reform. Frankly, I’m surprised he’s so popular among conservatives.



He also hung out with prostitutes and prisoners, immigrated illegally, didn’t speak English, frowned upon laissez faire capitalism, and advocated love and acceptance for all. Oh and he wore what by modern standards we’d pretty much call dresses and Berkenstocks.

#jesus was a bro #i would chill with him all the time

Yeah, Jesus was awesome.

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Jesus rules.
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